Federal Retirement Benefits are Taxable

Federal Retirement Pensions are Taxable

Many federal retirees forget that their federal retirement benefits are taxable. Planning for life after retirement begins by understanding your retirement benefits, how each benefit will be taxed, and what your net monthly income will be. As a federal employee facing retirement, do you know what retirement taxes can you expect to pay? What you don't know can impact your future. If you find your federal employee ben

Complimentary Income Analysis

Richard Eller is the President and the Founder of The Federal Retirement Benefits Center. As leader of a team of Federal employee benefits experts, we provide guidance and counseling to any federal employee who is planning for retirement.  Our goal is to educate federal employees, provide personal counseling and a detailed income analysis prepared in a

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Most of my retirement planning meetings with federal employees focus primarily on what age to retire or what the approximate expected income will be. These are critical questions to discuss prior to approaching your retirement. Yet there is another question that is part of the planning process: Where to retire? There are many federal employees who have already decided to retire in their current ho

The silent thief of your comfortable federal retirement and why you should never ignore it.

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Most of us never really give inflation a second thought, though we know it exists. A loaf of bread that once cost $ 1.79 is now $ 1.99 and we think it’s only 20 cents. True, but it’s also a price increase of 11%. When did you last receive an 11% raise? We know that inflation in the late 1970’s

Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Eligibility

Many federal employees have questions about their eligibility for FEHB, and the eligibility and benefit allowances for their spouses and dependent children. As a Federal employee, you are eligible to elect FEHB coverage, unless your position is excluded by law or regulation. However, there are numerous special provisions for people in part-time or intermittent employment, temporary appointments, and specif

Federal Retirement Benefits Education – New Haven CT

The Federal Retirement Benefits Center empowers Connecticut Federal employees like yourself who are ready to plan for retirement.  We do this by offering educational programs that explain your benefits in detail, and clarify any points that will help you plan for your future. If you work for the Federal government, you are eligible for some of the best retirement benefits available. The Federal Retirement Help Group holds workshops, seminars, webinars and individual meetings.  We explain your

What you should know before you file for benefits

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Can you work and collect Social Security at the same time? Yes, but be aware of potential restrictions. The minimum age to start collecting Social Security is 62, but an earnings test can significantly decrease your payments. The Social Security earnings test sets limits to the amount of money individuals who have not yet reached full retiremen

When you work for the federal government, you are entitled to health insurance through Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEBHB). The FEHB gives you comprehensive health insurance coverage that covers you, your spouse, and your children under age 26. Most Federal employees are eligible while their service is active, and annuitants may be eligible to continue their FEHB coverage into retirement if they meet certain requirements. Federal Employees that have questions about their overall benefits

We offer Federal Law Enforcement Retirement Planning workshops and personalized financial reports for the asking. We are the Federal Retirement Benefits Center, and we help federal employees in Connecticut plan for retirement. Federal Law Enforcement careers are some of the most interesting and best compensated government jobs around. There are many federal agencies and job types from which to choose, and all offer interesting and exciting work. Law enforcement officers working for the federa

We are the Federal Retirement Benefits Center and help you understand your federal annuity. There are thousands of federal employees  that are beginning to plan for their retirement in greater Stamford and Waterbury Connecticut. Federal employees have fantastic benefits, but they are unique and complex. The overwhelming majority of financial advisors do not understand the subtleties and intricacies of your Federal Benefits. We are Federal Retirement Benefits Center, and we are committed to educ