What you should know before you file for benefits

Richard Eller

Can you work and collect Social Security at the same time? Yes, but be aware of potential restrictions. The minimum age to start collecting Social Security is 62, but an earnings test can significantly decrease your payments. The Social Security earnings test sets limits to the amount of money individuals who have not yet reached full retiremen

Taxable Benefits

As a federal employee facing retirement, what retirement taxes can you expect pay? If you find your federal employee benefits confusing, you are not alone. Many people just don't understand how their federal retirement benefits will be taxed. Unless you have a clear understanding about your tax burden in retirement, how can you prepare for life after retirement? Your federal retirement pension is indeed taxable. Your employee contributions will be available to you tax

When you have questions about CSRS retirement planning, we can help. We are the Federal Retirement Benefits Center, and we help CT federal employees understand their benefits. If you are a federal employee, the retirement system you were enrolled in will determine your benefits coverage. There are two federal government retirement programs in effect right now: The Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). The CSRS is a defined benefit plan and