Do you live in New York and have questions about your federal annuity? If so, contact the professionals at Federal Retirement Benefits Center. When federal employees are starting to think about their retirement, the question on their minds is simple, yet seemingly daunting- ‘do I have enough money to retire?’. To answer this question thoroughly takes careful analysis. The FRBC has the tools and knowledge to determine your post-federal-retirement income.

The benefits offered to federal employees are excellent and comprehensive, making them inherently unique and complex. A majority of financial advisors do not possess the knowledge of subtleties and the intricacies of your entitled federal benefits. At the Federal Retirement Benefits Center, we are committed to thoughtfully educating federal employees who are beginning to plan for their retirement. As a coalition of financial experts and educators, we have years of experience with human resources at the federal level. Not only do we offer seminars and workshops, but we also provide clients with a free, personalized Risk and Retirement Report.

The advisors at the Federal Retirement Benefits Center are here to provide you with as much information as you need to help ensure that you understand all aspects of your federal annuity and benefits. We will work as a team to help you implement financial strategies to improve your personal situation. This is offered as a stand-alone resource or as a part of your comprehensive financial plan, which includes both your Federal Benefits and other important and relevant financial resources.

Do not let a lack of knowledge preclude you from the benefits that you have worked so hard to earn. With help from the Federal Retirement Benefits Center, you will have the tools necessary to make informed decisions about your retirement. Request a FREE Fiduciary Retirement Assessment or call 844-533-3372 today for more information.


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