Don't delay getting your Federal Employee Retirement Assessment. It may be later than you think. If your family situation has changed since you were first hired, sitting down with the Federal Retirement Benefits Center should be done right away. The professional advisers at FRBC offer retirement preparation for federal employees. Are you prepared for a rising cost of living during your retirement years? Many federal employees assume that their benefit packages will see them through, without any assessment of their actual expenses. At Federal Retirement Benefits Center, we analyze your retirement benefits and compare them to future living expenses. You will receive a comprehensive and detailed report of your retirement income based on the benefits coming to you.

Federal Retirement Benefits Center offers workshops, webinars, seminars and individual meetings. With our help, any federal employee who wants a comprehensive overview of specific future expenses will have it. A complete benefits analysis will give you a snapshot of where you are today. Without the facts, you are gambling with your future. We suggest that federal employees plan early for Federal Retirement. Get informed, have a strategy, and make sure you won't outlive your retirement income. The personalized report we generate for you goes into greater depth than what HR may offer. When you need help or have questions about your federal benefits, turn to the helpful staff at Federal Retirement Benefits Center. Call today: 844-533-3372.


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