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Call the FRBC for help with Federal Retirement Planning NY.  The time to plan your federal retirement is now. You want to live well after you retire, for thirty years or beyond. It takes knowledge and planning to prepare for the usual living expenses one faces in retirement.  It would be prudent to take a look at your benefits package with The Federal Retirement Benefits Center. Our helpful staff includes experienced financial professionals who guide and inform you of our choices. We prepare a complimentary Federal Retirement Income Analysis and Report. If you are a federal employee and need a post-retirement financial snapshot, you are in the right place.

The FRBC offers workshops and individual reports to Federal Employees planning for retirement. We will spend as much time as necessary to explain all the information revealed in the report. Planning early for the unknown financial pitfalls will pay off later. Learn now what future expenses may be partially covered by your federal insurance coverage. The last thing anyone considers is having to go back to work after retirement. Anything can happen to upset the balance. From divorce to unforeseen home and auto repairs to assisting your elderly parents, anything can happen.

We will prepare and explain your retirement profile. Contact my office so we can schedule a thorough and candid conversation to review potential retirement expenses you may incur in the coming years. It’s your retirement. There are no do-overs. 844-533-3372.

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