As a federal employee, to whom do you turn when you have questions about health benefits? Federal Employees that have questions about their overall benefits and retirement packages have an ally in the Federal Retirement Benefits Center, headed by Mr. Richard Eller. Since 1984, Mr. Eller has specialized in the retirement income planning area. Rich and his team have years of service and specialized training. Our vast experience working with Federal employees allows us to provide a retirement income plan that fits your specific needs.

When you work for the federal government, you are entitled to health insurance through Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEBHB). The FEHB gives you comprehensive health insurance coverage that covers you, your spouse, and your children under age 26. Most Federal employees are eligible while their service is active, and annuitants may be eligible to continue their FEHB coverage into retirement if they meet certain requirements.

When you are planning your retirement and don't fully understand your benefits, contact the helpful staff at the Federal Retirement Benefits Center. Our financial counselors provide training and personalized financial reports to federal employees planning for retirement.  Call Federal Retirement Benefits Center at (844) 533-3372.

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