The Federal Retirement Benefits Center helps thousands of people prepare for  a worry-free federal retirement.  When you are living on a fixed income, will you be able to take care of life's little bumps in the road? It's easy to estimate what your cost of living might be 20 or 30 years down the road. But, face the facts: we don't know what life-changing events are waiting for us.

Several examples of life altering expenses many people just don't see coming:

  1. Your elderly parents need care
  2. You are stricken with a physical disability and you must pay someone to care for you (Long-term care costs)
  3. Your adult children move back in or need financial assistance
  4. Rising property taxes
  5. Medications for your life-threatening condition are not completely covered by health insurance
  6. Your home or automobile need immediate repairs
  7. Inflation

We all want to hope for the best, but that doesn't guarantee a rosy retirement. Prepare early, evaluate the benefits you will have and make ready for what is to come. The FRBC specializes in Federal Retirement Preparation. The President and Founder, Richard Eller, provides a free income analysis to Federal Employees. His experienced team holds workshops, guidance and counseling to any individual for the asking.

 Complimentary Income Analysis

We encourage Federal Employees to request a complimentary Retirement Income Report with a  free benefits analysis. You will receive a written blueprint that evaluates your current and future situation, including projected retirement income, cash flow, living expenses, benefits and retirement finances. The Federal Retirement Benefits Center will help you make informed decisions about your future.

Our benefits workshops are intended to inform and educate Federal Employees so that they are better able to plan for their future. We are available during and after our workshops to answer questions, and we will meet with you individually to go into detail about your personal situation. Contact us at (844) 533-3372.

Request a free benefits analysis report here.

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