Do you have questions about your federal annuity Waterbury CT? We are the Federal Retirement Benefits Center. There are thousands of federal employees that are beginning to plan for their retirement.  You may be preparing to retire from your federal job in the near future.  The burning question:  'will you have enough money to retire? ' takes careful analysis.  The FRBC has the professionals and the tools to determine your post-federal-retirement income. Federal employees have fa

When you work for the federal government, you are entitled to health insurance through Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEBHB). The FEHB gives you comprehensive health insurance coverage that covers you, your spouse, and your children under age 26. Most Federal employees are eligible while their service is active, and annuitants may be eligible to continue their FEHB coverage into retirement if they meet certain requirements. Federal Employees that have questions about their overall benefits

Have questions about your federal annuity Stamford CT, Waterbury CT? Federal Retirement Benefits Center has answers. We at the FRBC are here to help you understand your federal annuity. There are thousands of federal employees  that are beginning to plan for their retirement in greater Stamford and Waterbury Connecticut. Federal employees have fantastic benefits, but they are unique and complex. The overwhelming majority of financial advisors do not understand the subtleties and intricacies

Taxable Benefits

As a federal employee facing retirement, what retirement taxes can you expect pay? If you find your federal employee benefits confusing, you are not alone. Many people just don't understand how their federal retirement benefits will be taxed. Unless you have a clear understanding about your tax burden in retirement, how can you prepare for life after retirement? Your federal retirement pension is indeed taxable. Your employee contributions will be available to you tax